Thursday, March 6, 2014

SAP - Slow Login on SAP Client

This is the most frustrating error that I've encounter when troubleshooting our SAP Business One server. Imagine, when you are logging in to SAP Business One Client it takes 5-10mins before you actually login. But if, if you are trying to login on the SAP Server you may not encounter the slowness. So, after compiling some solution I've decided to create my own. This is Tips and some kind of Tricks. :) Would you mind to try it if ever you encouter? So lets begin.

Please check if their SAP Server is running on two NETWORK CARD.

  • Disable additional network cards in the Network Connections. Also, make sure there is no dial-up interface or VPN interface set up, and restart the server. Note that you can re-enable the additional network card after the restart. This will resolve the issue until the next restart.
  • Check if there is an additional IP address assigned for single network cards (Start-->Run-->cmd-->ipconfig). If there is more than one IP address displayed, ensure there is only one address assigned.
  • Install the license server on a machine with a single network card.
Disable all network cards, restart the license server, and then enable the network cards again.
  • Restart license server.
Disable the Firewall and the antivirus
Change registry entry, and add the IP address of the License Server computer. 
  • For example: -ORBEndPoint iiop://  -ORBDottedDecimalAddresses 1
  • Use the IP address instead of the computer name for the License Server address wherever License Server address is needed, such as SAP Business One client, DI API, B1i, and so on.
Check SQL Server process in the Task Manager
  • If the SQL Server eating too much CPU usage between than 70-80% then you should adjust the memory consumptions in SQL Server settings. I remember this when we are on training for SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance.
  • Log on to SQL Server > right click the Server name > Properties > Memory
  • Change the Maximum server memory value, as you see the default value is set to 2147483647(mb) equivalent of 2097151(gb).
  • Change it to the total memory of the server then dived it by two, assumption 8192(mb)/2 = 4096(mb)
  • You can use this online tool for conversion (

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  1. say you should go down memory mb 2147483647 half?

    1. 2147483647(mb) equivalent of 2097151(gb). So if you half it, 1048575.5(GB). That was so big.