Friday, October 16, 2015

SAP - Crystal Report in SAP Business One SDK (.NET)

Hello folks. I'm wondering how you integrate your Crystal Report in your SAP Business One add-on? After of searching on how to do that, we've ended up to create our own style on how we can generate report in our add-on. To do that, you need to install first the Crystal Report, currently we are using Crystal Report 2008 SP3. Too old thou, but its still working. Also, we are using Visual Studio 2005 to create a form that we used in crystal report. I don't know why in Visual Studio 2013 don't have Crystal Report. So what we are doing is, add new form in Visual Studio 2005 and drag the Crystal Report Viewer and copy the .VB file and add it to Visual Studio 2013. After you done that tricks, you may proceed to source code.

  1. In your "SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_ITEM_PRESSED" event type and identify the "pval.ItemUID". For example "bt_Print".
  2. Example:
  3. In the "Your code here" you can call your VB.NET form that has the Crystal Report Viewer. 
  4. In "_frmRPaymentSched.vb", you need to import all the necessary DLLs that need by Crystal Report.
  5. For "Form_Load".
    • In the part of "cryRpt.Load(xPath & "\Rpt\App_Payment.rpt")" you need to define the path of the Crystal Report.
That's how we view the crystal report in our add-on. It is just a normal Visual Basic form.

Do you have your alternative solution? You might want to share that to us. :). Please leave comment below.


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