Monday, September 1, 2014

Confession of a SAP Consultant

Consultant. Big word. The word web dictionary defines it as "someone who gives an advice" while meriam webster says "one who gives professional advice or services"

Who would ever imagined that I'll become a consultant? It's like a perfume. It's an ego booster. It's pleasant to the ear. But what does really it takes to become a consultant?

A SAP Consultant means you're waking up each day, convincing yourself that you need to wake up early because you will travel too far. It's like you're convincing yourself to be motivated and have a passionate heart as if it's your first day. EVERYDAY.

Being a SAP consultant means you have to be patient. Clients keep asking same questions at the same time. You'll get irritated sometime. As if they are not thinking any possible way out. And All answers are on hands. Be Patient. MAKE IT YOUR CHARACTER.

Being a SAP Consultant means you know the difference between white and black. When you have the darkest moment of being a consultant and nobody helps you, or nobody could help you, You should always look to the brighter side. There's always a brighter side. LOOK UP.

Being a SAP Consultant means you can say no. If the clients are too demanding and when they're asking too much, and and you know too much is too much. JUST SAY NO.

Being a SAP Consultant means to be personal. Drop the "Trabaho lang walang personalan" You should put your heart on what you do. Once you're heart is in it, you'll never run out of joy to do more. TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

Being a SAP consultant means you are not MS-I-KNOW-EVERYTHING. Learning is always a continuous process for you. You learn from every people you meet, From your officemates, from the client, from the system. And even from the least person you meet along. BE HUMBLE.

And lastly, Being a SAP Consultant doesn't mean "Its all about me" It's always about who deserves glory. It's about God who gives you a job. It's about him who gives an applause each time you uploaded a correct beginning balance when noone else did. It's about him who protects you not to be harmed when you're travelling alone. It's about him who celebrates when you closed a project. It's about him being who doesn't leave you afterall.

Being a SAP Consultant means, to bring back all the glory onto the LORD

This is a guest post from Mahj. Mahj is a SAP Consultant and the blogger behind

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  1. Thanks Mahj for the blog post. Really appreciated it.

    1. very much welcome. must delete the photo though hahhaa

  2. thanks Mahj,i appreciate this blog.