Sunday, March 30, 2014

SAP - SAP Client upgrade take too long

We encountered a problem when upgrading the SAP Client application in our server. I've spent almost 8hrs waiting to upgrade the SAP Client application. The actual picture below :

I leave the server open for a day. But it surprise me that the upgrade process is still in upgrading process. I was worried that if I cancel or force stop this upgrade process, the SAP Client will corrupt. The last time we encounter the problem, we canceled the upgrade process and try to install again. But, when we installing it there's a missing file in the folder. So what we do is to re-install all the SAP related application in the server. I believed that was not necessary or advisable if you are in a production type of company.  There's a SAP note provided by SAP 1991617 - SAP Business One 9.0 client upgrade freezes.  Just log-in your S-user ID.
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  1. Hi Thank you for this important information. I do have one question though. Since i have already started the Upgrade Process, installing any windows update will require me to restart my laptop and the Upgrade will get cancelled. What will happen then?

    Also, i am upgrading this in my laptop which is a server cum Client. Will cancelling the Upgrade need me to format my system and only then reinstall SAP B1?

    Please help. My Upgrade stuck since 30 Hrs.